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Red Chilli - Lal Mirch Powder

Red Chilli - Lal Mirch Powder

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Indian cuisine is all about its distinct flavor and aromatic spices. Red chili powder or “Lal mirch” is very common in every Indian household spice that has been used for ages. You can use this spice in “tadka”, in sauce, curries, or for garnishing

Red Chilli - Lal Mirch Powder not only adds a spicy taste and color to the dish but also has impeccable health benefits.

Red chilies have a high quantity of potassium which helps to keep the blood vessels relaxed. They have a specific component called capsaicin. This is why you feel hot after stuffing red chilies in your mouth. Red chili works to reduce appetite and burn excess body fat by increasing the body's metabolism rate. It also subdues sudden hunger pangs. So, if you are willing to lose weight, include red chili powder in your daily food habit.

This is a Vegetarian Product

Net Weight: 50 & 100 grams

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian

Package Contents: 1 Red Chilli - Lal Mirch Powder Packet

Storage Instructions: Store Red Chilli - Lal Mirch Powder in a clean and dry place

- 100% Pure Natural Product

- No Added Preservatives & Additives

- No Artificial Color Added

- Traditional Authentic Recipe

- Made with Love in INDIA

Your Ideal Companion in Your Kitchen !!!


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